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Monday, 09/20/2010

An appeal from Darfur IDPs and Refugees
To the International Community


Friday, July 23, 2010

We the entire IDPs and refugees of Darfur, in our impoverished death camps in Sudan and Chad; hereby making our last minute appeal to the International Community, Human Rights Organizations, The U.N, Humanity –loving Nations and well-wishers to our lives  that we need urgent rescue before its too late.
Since the genocide regime in Khartoum imposed its barbaric, inhumane situation on us, in order to eliminate us from the surface of the earth. Meanwhile; we had been subjected to all kinds of humiliation, torture, deprivation, unbearable conditions and death through either direct attacks from the Janjaweed and Sudan government’s militias or slow motion death through expulsion of the NGOs that provide us with our daily urgent human needs.
However; our great thanks continues to the International Community and human loving individuals who responded positively to our plight by giving us basic needs of survival. After the issuance of the arrest warrant against the indicted President Omar Al-Bashir the regime retaliated by expelling of the International Humanitarian Organizations working in Darfur  the main feeders of the IDPs and refugees. On the other hand the regime in Khartoum carried out organized arrests against the IDPs, detentions and summarily-executions against active Sheikhs and leaders of the IDPs and refugees in different camps and imposed new rules and regulations upon the remaining International Organizations working in Darfur; a move intended to tighten the grip on the IDPs and refugees in order to accomplish its genocide plan to the last part. Furthermore; the regime continued to depopulate the IDPs camps, as a result  several IDP camps were burned to ashes and new oppressive registration system to the IDPs is imposed in all camps under the name of  “ Registration through the Affirmation of  Rationing”, instead of  inclusive rationing system that used to exist before the expulsion of the International NGOs. Due to the   pre-mentioned poignant condition imposed on us, we appeal the International Community to consider the following:

  • We appeal the International Community for immediate intervention using chapter Seven of Security Council Resolution passed on Darfur in order to save our lives when the UNAMID forces failed in its mission to protect us

  • We demand immediate intervention for humanitarian purposes, if our lives are to be rescued from genocide through starvation, malnutrition and diseases.

  • To pressure Khartoum regime to allow immediate and unconditional return of the expelled International NGOs and lift the restrictions imposed on the existing NGOs.

  • We are kindly requesting the registration of the IDPs and refugees and the distribution of relief items to be according to the rules and regulations of UN system and not through the directives of the regime that kills us.

  • We are demanding immediate release of the detained IDPs and refugee’s leaders and Sheikhs held in Sudan government’s prisons and ghost houses.

  • We sternly warn those Sudan Government agents and regime-created rebels to stop trading with our just cause at postponed Doha talks. 

  • We reiterate that, we are against any partial solution to the conflict which aimed at prolonging our suffering through giving the regime a chance to reorganize and continue the genocide through new techniques and tactics. So; we do not want the International Community to be part of the regime-dictated solutions.

  • We request the UN to kindly support the IDPs-empowering projects but not the UNAMID projects which serve the Interests of the regime.

  • We ask the International Community to unanimously support the ICC moves  on Sudan in order to bring peace through accountability and justice. The  lasting peace in Sudan is only achievable through justice by taking genocide culprits  to Hague.     


Youth and Women Sector of Darfur IDPs and Refugees.
Email: jara33669@gmail.com
Tel: +249919157895.














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