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Monday, 09/20/2010

International Criminal Court Say Sudanese President Will Be Arrested For Genocide



The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, or ICC, said on Thursday that Sudan's president must and will be arrested for genocide.

ICC chief prosecutor Moreno O'Campo spoke in the Hague, one day after President Omar Hassan al-Bashir arrived in Chad. It was his first visit to a full member state of the International Criminal Court.
The ICC said that as a member state Chad was obliged to arrest Bashir. However, Chad said that it was under no obligation to do so, and that Bashir would return home safely after attending the summit it was hosting.         
But O'Campo said he should be detained and arrested by a court order.       
[Moreno O'Campo, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court]:
"President Bashir is abusing of his power to commit genocide in Darfur, to threaten Southern Sudan and now to impose his presence in the neighbouring countries. I think he should be detained, arrested by a court order. This is not a trivial issue, this is genocide. So I think that the destiny of President Bashir is to face justice. If he continues to travel he will give us opportunities to arrest him. His destiny is clear. He will travel to the Hague, the court can wait for him. The victims they cannot wait."             

Bashir was indicted by the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur last year. This month the court added genocide to the charges, accusing him of presiding over rape, torture and murder in the remote west of Sudan.    

[Moreno O'Campo, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court]:
"The security council requested the court intervention. The court decided it is genocide. Now the security council should implement measures to protect the victims, to protect neighbouring countries and to arrest president Bashir. Security Council will implement measures."             











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