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Monday, 09/20/2010

UN refugee agency “concerned” over access and security in Darfur


Sunday 8 August 2010  
August 7, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — Problems of security and access have "seriously curtailed humanitarian activities in Darfur", says the deputy commissioner of the UN’s refugee-protection arm, UNCHR.

"We are deeply concerned about the threats faced by humanitarian workers and the increasing frequency of abductions," said UNCHR’s Deputy High Commissioner Mr. Alexander Aleinikoff, according to a press release seen by Sudan Tribune.
Aleinikoff, who arrived in Sudan yesterday on a six-day visit during which he will travel to southern Sudan and western Darfur, held meetings with government officials on refugee and IDP issues. The UN official noted that "security and access have seriously curtailed humanitarian activities in Darfur".
The UN-AU Hybrid Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) yesterday said that local authorities in southern Darfur were denying aid groups access to Kalma IDP camp where recent clashes between pro and anti Darfur peace talks, currently underway in Qatar, worsened humanitarian situation and frayed relations between UNAMID and Sudanese authorities.
In its daily briefing of Thursday, 7 August, the peacekeeping mission confirmed the aid blockade saying that "aid groups still await permission to enter the camp." The UNAMID also reported that IDPs were exposed to heavy rainfall "increasing fears of health risks".
People from Kalma reached this week by Sudan Tribune said residents inside the camp are suffering from lack of food. They also said those who dare to quit the camp to bring something for their children are not allowed to re-enter again.
On Thursday, August 7, AU-UN Joint Special Representative in Darfur Ibrahim Gambari told Sudanese officials that the mission is obliged under its mandate to ensure the protection of six people who sought refuge at the mission’s local Community Policing Centre and whom the government accuses of instigating the violence in Kalma camp.
Kalma camp is located near Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, and is home to over 90,000 people, most of whom are supporters of the Sudan Liberation Movement led by rebel leader Abdel Wahid Al-Nur.












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