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Wednesday, 06/01/2011

No peace agreement in Doha?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
The capital of Qatar, Doha, is witnessing the end of the fourth Darfur civil society conference, after tough discussions with repeated withdrawal of the representatives of displaced people, refugees and nomads.
 While the government said they hoped for the signing of a final peace agreement, the Justice and Equality Movement said that the mediator informed them that they do not intend to propose a document to the participants of the conference. Also the Liberation and Justice Movement confirmed that there was no way for a peace agreement to be signed today.
The presidential assistant, Nafie Ali Nafie, went into meetings with the joint mediator, Djibril Bassole, the Qatari mediator Al Mahmood and the Prime Minister of Qatar El Sheikh Mohammed Bin Jassim. The purpose of the meetings was to push for proposing a final document containing a peace agreement to be signed today, coinciding with the end of the civil society conference. On the basis of this, Nafie affirmed to Sudan Television that he expects a final peace agreement to be signed today.

However, the official spokesman of the JEM, Jibril Bilal, said that the mediators, pressured by the displaced people and refugees, announced that they would not produce a peace document to be signed today.



















































































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