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Friday, 07/08/2011

Letter from Ahmed Abbas to his Excellency Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit

Friday, July 8, 2011 

Your Excellency
Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit
President of Southern Sudan Government
President of Sudan People Liberation Movement
Allow me on behave of the “Sudanese Front for Change” to extend to you and via you to our people in southern Sudan a warm salute and sincere congratulations for the historic and epoch achievement of self-determination and independence of southern Sudan.

This process was conducted democratically, in transparency and in an exemplary manner witnessed and applauded by the whole world.
We also express our regret and sadness that Sudan has lost an important and esteem part of the country as a direct result and as an unavoidable outcome of the accumulation of decades of political ineptitude and failure and decades of broken promises. This tragedy was culminated by perpetuation of racial and ethnic ostracism, economic exploitation, political marginalization and injection of religion into politics pursued by the National Islamic Front.
 Although we distance ourselves from these policies of structural injustice, conformity and cultural hegemony, racism, political sectarianism and religious fundamentalism, we unreservedly apologize to our people in southern Sudan for the atrocities and injustice inflicted upon them over the years and at the same time equally respects their democratic right and choice for separation and independence.
The Sudanese Front for Change held its second General conference in Cairo between 20 -22 April 2011.The front unreservedly and without  ambiguity  condemns the policies of the central government which could lead to further disintegration of Sudan. We affirm our commitment to overthrow this Muslim fundamentalist regime and to establish a pluralist, secular state based on the diversity and multi-ethnicity of our country and also to secure equitable development and social justice. We believe that the unity of the Sudan with its African- Arab dimensions as well as its Islamic, Christian and African traditional believes should only be constituted on the basis of equal Sudanese citizenship and the bond to nationhood must effectively supersede the rest of any ethnic or religions bonds.
We aspire to establish genuine and mutual relationship with Southern Sudan based on respect, understanding, fraternity and reciprocal interests. We also look forward to work together shoulder to shoulder in order to resolve the outstanding differences and achieve our common goals.
I am proud to declare that our members expressed their desire and willingness to help in rehabilitation and development of the public services in southern Sudan and help in building and constructing the newly declared state.
Yours Sincerely


Dr. Ahmed Abbas
Sudanese Front for Change



















































































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موسى يعقوب
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