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Wednesday, 07/27/2011

Statement No. (2) an alliance civil community to free Darfur
An important statement to / Heads of EU countries


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Behalf of a coalition of civil society for Darfur free denounce and reject the movements and opportunistic system the ruling National Congress and the way resolved the issues of Darfur by trick  and folish minds of ordinary people of the owners of recreation j and receivables vulnerable who brought them the system in a deal that security was lost and became the system negotiates the same across clients counterfeiters and gamblers.

We express the name of our people for our rejection of this agreement because it is a waste of the Darfur issue fair and dissolve in the no-thing designed the system through the Doha agreement to empty the camps of the victims were innocent people without any real solution and a waste of the refugee issue and the fruit of the struggle of the revolutionaries of the people of Darfur who have taken up the banner of the revolution, and this is the agreement disloyalty to the people of Darfur.

 From this peaceful march and vigil in front of the European Union, let us we are in an alliance of civil society for Darfur are free to do demonstrations and rallies condemning this transaction losers of the State of North racial failed and that we will not recognize any agreement did not contain prosecution of Bashir as a war criminal and trial who  helped him in the commission of crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide in Darfur (the Janjaweed) and we consider this agreement is illegal and is also bound to our people in Darfur, and that those who signed this agreement stole voices of the displaced Darfurians and refugees without any legitimate and robbed the will of the masses.

1 / We demand the United Nations and human rights organizations and the UN Security Council to impose immediate sanctions against the government of al-Bashir of committing war crimes and genocide.

2 / We will Darfurian civil society to play the role of a genuine revolutionary to expose the heinous crimes committed against our people until the real solution is through an international platform and international guarantees and real gains in order to losses our rights .

 3 / We will not recognize the Republic of Sudan's north that he does not recognize the multicultural and ethnic terms can not be considered Darfur is part of the northern Sudan who Atarich he nor the Constitution unanimously agreed upon democratically becomes Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, southern New in this position unconstitutional and return Darfur to its former pre-colonial independent state by virtue of its sovereignty it had entered into the fold of the colonial power in Sudan Masmi previously.

4 / we demands  the core of the international community and United Nations, which passed in the first chapter of the Charter right to self-determination of peoples, we want them to decide the fate of Darfur, and her return to her first.

5 / need to help the international community to the people of Darfur return to their homes and(  hawkers ) original settlers and the expulsion of foreigners.

6 / ask the international community and the European Union to recognize the alliance of civil society in order to free Darfur as legitimate representatives of civil society for the people of Darfur before international forums so that we cut the road in front of the case of brokers and dealers.

Long live the struggle of the people of Darfur and the free Long live the Revolution alive and immortal in Darfur.

Civil Society Alliance to  Darfur free.
Cairo - Tuesday, 26/7/2011




















































































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الحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان تعتقد كل من يعترف بحقوق شعب دارفور وحقه المشروع في تقريرمصيره . هو عضو أصيل في الحركة الوطنية لتحريرالسودان أعلنها أم لم يعلنها .
أما بخصوص وحدة المقاومة في دارفور فالحركة الوطنية رؤيتها واضحة من المنادين بوحدة صف المقاومة في دارفور اليوم قبل الغد . وهي من أولويات الحركة الوطنية  وسوف تظل تنادي بها الي ان تتحقق.
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