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Tuesday, 12/20/2011

Yahia Bolad condemned the remarks made by Dr. Tijani El-Sissi who accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of impeding peace in Darfur.

London 19 December 2011

Yahia Bolad the leader of the Sudan National Liberation Movement (SNLM) condemned the remarks made by the Dr.  Tijani El-Sissi, leader of the liberation and Justice Movement (LJM), who  accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of impeding the achievement of peace in Darfur.

Bolad added that the situation in Darfur referred to the ICC by the United Nation Security Council resolution No 1593 on 31th March 2005 after a UN inquiry found serious violations of international human rights law in Darfur and the situation is threatening to the International Peace and Security.

Therefore the ICC mandate in Darfur is for restoring peace, security and for stopping the violations of international human rights law in Darfur, not of impeding the achievement of peace in Darfur as Dr.Tijani El-Sissi said in his remarks.

Also Bolad added further that Dr. Tijani El-Sissi as an official executive member in Khartoum government has responsibility and duty to advice his indicted president Omer Elbashir with others whom were wanted for war crime and genocide in Darfur to hand themselves to the ICC, as Bahr Idris Abu Garda, LJM Secretary General and minister of health in the National Government handed himself to the ICC, instead of making remarks impeding  the ICC in Darfur and the individuals sought by the ICC are still allegedly committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

Bolad also ensure that people of Darfur deserve the right of self-determination to chose either secession or remain in the same state as their perpetrators.  

















































































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