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Monday, 11/01/2010

Arrests in Khartoum against human rights workers from Darfur


By Radio Dabanga -- KHARTOUM
(31 Oct.) -

The Sudan National Security arrested on Saturday afternoon a number of Darfurian human rights activists in Khartoum after they attended a Youth Forum in the Al-Khatim Adlan Center. Five of their names have been confirmed, three other names are so far unverified. The Youth Forum was about issues concerning social development and peace in Darfur.Share this
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Among the arrested persons is Abdelrahman Mohamed El Gasim, a prominent lawyer from Tulus in South Darfur. He is head of the training department of the Darfur Bar Association. He was arrested in the Suq al Arabi in downtown Khartoum. Also among them is Abdelrahman Adam Abdelrahman from Ed Daein and Dirar Adam Dirar, both active in the Human Rights and Advocacy Network for Democracy (HAND). HAND is a network of nine grassroots organizations in Darfur. Also two women, Manal Mohamed Adam from Kutum and Aisha Sardo Sherif were detained after they attended the Youth Forum. At least three others were detained from another unknown location.
The director of the Al-Khatim Adlan Center for Human Development, Dr. Albaqir Afiif Mukhtar, condemned the arrests. Speaking to Radio Dabanga he said that three other persons might have been arrested, but their names could not been verified. He is calling upon the Minister of Justice to release the activists immediately. He asks for all the national and international human rights organizations to put pressure on the government to release the human rights activists.
Photo: two of the arrested persons, Dirar Adam Dirar (left) and Abdelrahman Mohamed El Gasim (right).















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