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Wednesday, 03/02/2011

 The Darfur Union's Demonstration holds a big demonstration on Sunday 06/03/2011 at the Sudanese Embassy, 3 Cleveland Row, and London, SW1A 1DD - from 13:00 to 15:00.  in London:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Further for our statement about darfurians in Libya , we would like to
hold a big demonstration on sunday 06/03/2011 at the Sudanese Embassy,
3 Cleveland Row, London, SW1A 1DD - from 13:00 to 15:00.

Our demands are as following:-
- TO condemn the tendentious statements by the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Sudanese regime, which has abandoned and disowned its own
citizens and is now calling them mercenaries in order to cause discord
between them and the Libyan people.

- To confirm that Darfurians who are in Libya do not have the slightest
relationship with the mercenaries. They have merely fled the horrors of
the genocidal regime in Khartoum, which has been using mercenaries in its
operations in Darfur
- To hold the regime of Sudan in Khartoum responsible for any harm
suffered by any citizens of Sudan in Libya.
- To call on the United Nations to provide the necessary protection to the
Sudanese who are in Libya since they have been abandoned by the regime in
- To appeal for all NGOs to help Darfurian and all sudanese in libya as
they are effectivley stateless people.
- To stop the rape of women, toture, bloodshed, attacks on villages and
camps by Sudanese aircraft and to stop forcing displaced people to leave
the camps in Darfur
If you would like further information on this demonstration, please call
Hussain Bigera on 07956 466 183
Olivia Warham
Waging Peace
020 7243 0300



















































































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Adam Bunga the King of Agreat Darfur's Singer
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