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Sunday 01-Sep-2013 22:56


Date: Saturday 31 August 2013


Samantha Power, United States UN Ambassador
Susan Rice, US National Security Advisor

Haile Menkerios, UN Secretary-General.s Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan
Ambassador Booth, Special Envoy Sudan and South Sudan
Sudan Desk, US Department Of State
All Human Rights Organizations around the world

Subject: Imminent Sham Trial for Sudanese Activist

This Sunday September 1, 2013, engineer: Amira Osman Hamid from Sudan, will stand trial for allegedly violating Sudan.s .Ordinance of Public Security # 152..  The ordinance has been introduced to curtail women.s inalienable rights and to impose on them an Islamic code of dress.

Ms. Amira Osman Hamid has sent an appeal to all human rights activists saying: .My name is Amira Osman Hamid. I am a Sudanese woman. I am an electronic engineer. I refused targeting Sudanese women by the Public Order Law, which considers women as problematic actors. I have been punished by this law several times .Public Order Law Article 152.. Last week I was arrested by the public order police in Jabel Awlea, South Khartoum. I was kept in Jail for hours, and then they released me on bail. My court will be on Sunday 1st September 2013 at 09:00 am at Jabel Awlea court. I invite you all to come and attend my court.  Thank you.. Amira Osman Hamid.

These transgressions have been faced with courageous resistance by Sudanese scores of women activists from different walks of life. The UN office in Khartoum and international human rights organizations have often intervened to support victims of this degrading ordinance.

We the undersigned Sudanese women and supporters of Ms. Amira Osman Hamid, wholeheartedly condemn the Sudan .Ordinance of Public Security.. We call upon your honor and urge complicity in averting the forthcoming mockery trial.


Hawa Salih Jango, USA
Naila Mohamed, USA
Nagla Sidahmed Alshaikh, Uganda
Buthaina Terwis, Canada
Samia Gasim, Canada
Tomader Habib Allah, Canada
Buthaina Imam, Canada
Hanadi Elhadi, USA
Sawsan Ali Bob, USA
Sarah Mahgoub, USA
Amani Alagab, USA

Ahmed Hussain Adam/New York/US
Dr. Mohamed Salih Hassan, USA
Nasreldin Haggam, USA
Elbagir Osman, Canada
Khidir Attalmanan, Qatar
Dr. Abdelmajid Ali Bob, USA
Jamal Mahgoub, USA
Saifeldin Gibreel, USA
Yassin Jouda, Australia
Omar Abdelsawi, USA
Kamal Shungor, USA






















































































دليل المواقع

شاهد:- تهنيء الحركة الوطنية  لشعب جنوب السودان  بإنتزاع الحرية و الكرامة  وذلك ببزوغ فجر الإستقلال و ميلاد جمهورية جنوب السودان فى يوم 9 / 7 / 2011

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كبيرة الفنانين في دارفور مريم أمو

Warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I  4 March 2009
أضحك من قلبك مع البشير وعادل إمام


Omar al-Bashir: conflict in Darfur is my responsibility

الحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان تعتقد كل من يعترف بحقوق شعب دارفور وحقه المشروع في تقريرمصيره . هو عضو أصيل في الحركة الوطنية لتحريرالسودان أعلنها أم لم يعلنها .
أما بخصوص وحدة المقاومة في دارفور فالحركة الوطنية رؤيتها واضحة من المنادين بوحدة صف المقاومة في دارفور اليوم قبل الغد . وهي من أولويات الحركة الوطنية  وسوف تظل تنادي بها الي ان تتحقق.
موسى يعقوب
امين الاعلام للحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان

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