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Monday, 08/15/2016

Supplementary Report No (3)
The ceaseless savage attacks of Khartoum’s Regime on Civilian Population of Jebel Marra

The appendix report No (3) is latest installment in a series of fact finding reports issued by Sudan Liberation Movement chaired by Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al-Nour documenting the latest state sponsored genocide by the Khartoum regime in the Jebel Marra region, since the government forces and its paratroops militias resumed their aggression and indiscriminate attacks in a new campaign initiated in January 2016.The report cannot document fully the extend of the destruction and human toll of the latest government offensive as resources are limited and we cannot gather all eyewitness testimony due to the violence being ongoing and the civilian population at large being subjected to reprisal and intimidation. The report however does offer in microcosm a reflection of the horrors that exist throughout the region as brutal an unceasing reality. The Khartoum regime claims the region is now entirely pacified and that a climate of security prevails, to such degree it has demanded the withdrawal of UNAMID forces. This is an utter fallacy and fabrication entirely devoid of any credence: when punishing attacks carried out by the regime’s regular troops, partner militias and air power continues to wreak havoc on a largely defenseless civilian population. Alongside this violence the Sudanese military and paramilitary troops of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have adopted a policy of kidnapping civilians and IDPs and holding them for ransom, as they also continue to confiscate large swathes of farmlands and forcibly ejecting their inhabitants, some of the most recent cases of extra-judicial killings, rapes, arbitrary arrests, other casualties and large scale of communal lands( Hawakir) violently expropriated, villages destroyed and the routine devastation inflicted throughout the Jebel Marra constitute the main elements of the report.        

First:  Cases of Death toll, casualties, rape and wanton destruction

  1. On 11th of June, 2016, Khartoum’s Janjaweed militias driving in 6 land cruisers mounted with Dushka machine guns and class of light machine guns attacked Al-Hamidiyya IDP camp in Zalingei of central Darfur, in which they injured 7 IDPs among them minor and abducted 4 others. The abductees  were later released after the IDPs paid ransom-money of 45, 000 SDG ( 3,375 $) , the names of the injured and the captives are :
  1.  Maahir Ibrahim Abdul Shafei Guma, 25 years old
  2. Abdalla Ibrahim Mohamed, 28 years old
  3. Zahra Eissa, 11 years old
  4. Buthayna Abdul Shakur , 3 years old
  5. Aatif Mohammed Saleh, 33 years old
  6. Al-Nur Mohamed Ahmed, 51 years old
  7. Jaafer Guma Arbab, 49 years old
  8. Adam Mohamed Musa Rahma, 23 years old ( released abductee)
  9. Idriss Younis Omer Mukhtar, 30 years old ( released abductee)
  10.   Abdalla Al-Nur, 45 years old( released captive)
  11. Daw El beit Ali, 66 years old (released captive)
  1. On 11th of June 2016, elements from Rapid Support Forces (RSF), killed a resident from South Sudan State in Al-Fashir of North Darfur after looting his money , electronic –devices of the Shop he owned in the downtown of Al-Fashir and fled a way, the name of the slain merchant is:
  1. John Symon
  1. On 19th of June 2016, Khartoum’s jets indiscriminately bombarded Sorong village in Jebel Marra , the bombardment killed a resident and his son, their names are:
  1. Abdul Shakur Adam, 39 years old
  2. Omer Abdul Shakur Adam, 6 years old
  1. On 19th of June 2016, Janjaweed militiamen stabbed to death IDP from Otash camp of South Darfur. On the same day on separate occasion, other militiamen stabbed 2 IDPs from Otash  and seriously injured them ,the culprits fled to unknown location ,the names of the victims are:
  1. Umaima Ahmed, 34 years old ( killed)
  2. Mariyam Ibrahim 57 years old ( seriously injured)
  3. Mohamed Tabajkei ( injured) 
  1. Between 20th -21st of June 2016, members of the Janjaweed militias, let by two chief militiamen  Ahmed Jabaat and Ahmed Ali ,ransacked Tur village of Kas locality , South Darfur in which 9 IDPs were killed  including minors and 13 others were injured, Moreover;  the perpetrators  also looted commercial goods estimated  by 7,000,ooo SDG  ( 525,000 $ ) from Tur market, 234 houses burned to ashes and 378 head of goat and sheep, 86 head of donkey were taken , the names of the deceased and casualties are :
  1. Amani Abdella Mousa, 13 years old , Tur East
  2. Adam Abdul Jabbar Abdella, 50 years old, Tur East
  3. Hussein Adam Hussein. 40 years old, Tur West
  4. Abdul Aziz Mohamed Abaker, 40 years old, Tur West
  5. Isshaq Idriss Guma.6 years old, Tur West
  6. Jamalaat Hussein Eisa,3 years old, Tur East
  7. Izzeldin Taha, 21 years old, Tur East
  8. Yousif Ismail Suli, 16 years old, Tur West
  9. Al Bagir Mohamed Ahmed, 28 years old, Tur East
  10.  Um Al-Kheir Mohamed 12 years old, Tur East ( injured)
  11. Ahmed Abdala Abdul Mahmoud 30 years old, Tur East ( critically injured)
  12. Al-Sheikh Issa Abdul Shafei 55 years old, Tur East ( injured)
  13. Adam Musa Ahmed, 40 years old, Tur East ( injured)
  14. Yahya Atim Ali, 30 years old, Tur East (injured)
  15. Mohammed Ismail Musa, 31 years old, Tur East ( badly injured)
  16. Abdul Rahman Yousif Younis, 70 years old, Tur East ( seriously injured)
  17. Salah Ahmed Musa, 29 years old, Tur East ( injured)
  18. Al-Amin Ahmed Abaker, 45 years old Tur West ( injured)
  19. Mudather Eissa  Al-Mahjoubi, 29 years old, Tur West ( injured)
  20. Hawa Mohammed Ahmed Yagoub, 36 years old, Tur East ( injured)
  21. Kawther Idriss, Tur
  22. Jamalaat Anwar Mohammed Al-Hassan, 2 years old, Tur West ( injured)
  1. On 22ed of June 2016, Janjaweed militiamen led by chief- Janjaweed named Mohammed Hassaballa committed butchery against residents from Um Tajok village of Kereinik locality, Eastern Al-Geineina of West Darfur state, in this carnage 14 farmers were killed on the spot,  8 residents injured while  6 others went missing, the incident occurred when a group of farmers went out to prepare their lands for cultivation, the new-comers militiamen who violently expropriated the lands told them that, they have liberated the lands , paid with their blood  and if the residents of the village want to till it, they have to pay them , when the farmers argued that, the lands  are theirs, immediately the militiamen opened fire on them committing the barbaric slaughter, the  names of the killed, injured and missed farmers are:

-The names of killed farmers are:

  1. Mohamed Ahmed Abdul Banaat, 57 years old, Imam of the mosque
  2. Bahreldin Mohamed Ahmed Abdul Banaat, 50 years old, son to the deputy - Umda of the area
  3. Abdol Mawla Isshaq Abdul Banaat, 45 years old
  4. Hassan Isshaq Abdul Banaat, 50 years old
  5. Mohamed Mohamedain, 50 years old
  6. Taariq Adam. Nickname Abu Dagalu, 20 years old
  7. Hamaadi Adam,37 years old
  8. Saleh Habaan, 19 years old
  9. Mohamed Adam, 19 years old
  10. Ibrahim Hussein Sanga, 19 years old
  11. Aboud Omer, nickname Abu Kasir, 40 years old
  12. Al-Gonei Mohamed, 43 years old
  13. Saleh Mohamed Haju, 28 years old
  14. Siddique Adam Guma, 19 years old

- The names of the casualties are:

  1. Yagoub Isshaq Jigigi, 60 years old
  2. Ustaz Abdella Abaker Haamid, headmaster of Al-Wihdah secondary school for girls
  3.  Ustaz Abdul Rhman Abdul Rasoul
  4. Adam Al-Doum Abdul Rasoul, 28 years old
  5. Shogaar Omer, 45 years old
  6. Yagoub Isshaq, 60 years old
  7. Eissa Ali Haamid, 60 years old
  8. Un identified person

- The names of those who went missing are:

  1. Ustaz Abdul  Rahman Abdul Rasoul, 53 years old, teacher at Um Tajok Secondary School
  2. Abdalla Abaker, 45 years old, the headmaster of Um Tajok Secondary School
  3. Mohamed Isshaq 60 years old
  4. Khadeeja Yousif Abdul Rahman, 23 years old
  5. Muhsin Mohamed Saleh, 31 years old
  6. Un identified person
  1. On 23th of June 2016, members from Rapid Suport Forces(RSF) militiamen , led by chief Janjaweed Eissa Al-Masih, attacked Kabkabiyya market of north Darfur, in which 3 civilians were killed and 9 others injured, the incident occurred when militiamen repeatedly  denied tea-makers  to do their work, when they  and  some of their relatives refused to stop working at the marked,  the militiamen opened fire on them, killing and injuring the following civilians :
  1. Awatif Mohammed Bashar Guma, 22 years old
  2. Guma Yousif, 27 years old
  3. Mukhtar Abdul Shakur Yahya, 43 years old
  4. El-Haj Guma Saleh, 20 years old ( injured)
  5. Walid Musa Ibrahim, 31 years old ( badly injured)
  6. Abdul Azim Dilei Adam, 18 years old (injured)
  7. Mastoura Adam Al-Haj, 40 years old ( injured)
  8. Abdella Mohamed Mohamed, 26 years old ( injured)
  9. Hawa Ali Adam, 30 years old ( critically injured)
  10.  Al-Nagi Yousif, 35 years old ( injured)
  11. Al-Hadi Adam Abdul Hamid, 20 years old ( seriously injured)
  12. Muhsin Daw  Al-Daar, 29 years old ( injured)
  1. On 22ed of June 2016, Janjaweed militiamen robbed a resident

 from Kosti village of Kereinik locality of West Darfur state, the robbers took cash money of 3,000 SDG (225 $) cell phone and devastated the farmland of their victim, moreover; the victim was told that, from now onward the farm land is no long yours as we liberated these farmlands from the slaves, the name of the killed farmer is:

  1. Yasin Hassan Al-Haj, 32 years old
  1. On 22ed of June 2016, Janjaweed militants slain a resident from Ambaru locality North Darfur,  the culprits then run a way,the name of the deceased is :
  1. Abu elgasim Ali Trayo
  1. On 22ed of June 2016, militias of the Rapid Support Forces ( RSF) killed student resident of  Al-Muhafizein district   in Zalingei town capital of central Darfur, the victim who  study at Al-Geineina University was shot by stray bullet inside their home, while the militiamen started night shootings in the town, the name of the student is :
  • Hashim Al-Sanousi, 28 years old     
  1. On 23th of June 2016, Janjaweed militiamen killed student from Al-Fashir university, after they robbed his belongings and cell phone he possess, the name of the victim is:
  1. Abdella Fadul Rahma
  1. On 23th of June 2016,  Janjaweed militiamen  opened fire on a resident from Al-Geineina town of western Darfur and run a way,  the victim’s name who later died suffering from his injuries is :
  1. Harun Suleiman Omer, 32 years old
  1. On 26th of June 2016, Khartoum – supported militiamen raped 4 women including a minor residents of  Golo town, North -eastern  Jebel Marra, the names of the rapees are:
  1. N. A. M. N, 13 years old
  2. K. K. A, 34 years old
  3.   S.M.Y, 27 years old
  4. A.M.A, 42 years old

  Note: For the purposes of a biding by our society’s rule and to void exposing the rapees therefore, the names of the victims are shown in this report with initials, while the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army keep in its records the real names of the rapees for future references.

  1. On 28th of June 2016, government-backed militiamen killed a farmer  in Surangal village of Koya locality, South Darfur, the perpetrators warned the farmer not to come to his farmland again, arguing that, the land belong to them, when he insisted they instantly killed him inside his farm, the name of the victim is :
  1. Abdalla Abu Digin, 40 years old
  1. On  28th of June 2016, Khartoum – supported Rapid Support Forces ( RSF) militiamen seriously injured a resident from Kabkabiyya town  of North Darfur, the victims was injured while attempting to free his brother Ahmed Musa from the hands of militiamen, the name of the victim is:
  1. Suleiman Musa Eissa
  1. On 28th of June 2016, paratroops of  Khartoum militias opened fire on a farmer from Nyertete town of central Darfur and run a way,the name of the farmer who died immediately on the spot is:
  1. Amir Abdalla Yagoub, 35 years old
  1. On 28th of June 2016,  groups of Janjaweed militias opened fire on student from Nyertete town of central Darfur, and badly injured him, the name of the victim who died later suffering from his injuries is:
  1. Al-Teib Yahya Muhajir
  1. On 28th of June 2016, members of the  Janjaweed militias, slain a gardener in his garden, while he resisted pillaging of his donkey, the name of the deceased is:
  1. Eissa Abdalla Khamis
  1. On 30th of June 2016,  Khartoum’s fighter-jets indiscriminately bombarded Dirrbat town of Eastern Jebel Marra, in which 3 women were killed and 2 others  seriously injured, the names of the victims are:
  1. Halima Ibrahim Ahmed, 25 years old
  2. Sa’diyya  Haamid Suleiman, 32 years old
  3. Guma Siddiq Isshag, 33 years old
  4. Fathiyya Younis Abdul rahman, 9 years old ( critically injured)
  5. Salwa Abdul Kabir, 44 years old ( badly injured)
  1. On 17th of July 2016, Khartoum-supported militiamen attacked IDPs from Dar es salaam IDP camp in Gireida locality of South Darfur, in which 5 IDPs were killed and 8 others injured, including one minor, the attack took place, when some residents from the camp went out to till their lands, the new-settlers told them that, they liberated the land and if they want to cultivate they have to pay them when the IDPs opposed they opened fire on them, the names of the murdered IDPs and the injured, respectively are:
  1. Yahyia Mohamed Yahyia Ibrahim, 17 years old, High  Secondary School Student
  2. Makkiya Mohamed Yahyia Ibrahim, 22 years old, breast –feeding Mother
  3. Mohamed Ibrahim Adam Hamaad, 21 years old, University Student
  4. Suaad Mohamed Issa, 34 years old
  5. Radiyya Daw Elbeit, 48 years old
  6. Mohamed Yahyia Ibrahim, 55 years old ( injured)
  7. Ahmed Mohamed Yahyia Ibrahim, 14 years old( injured)
  8. Abdella El-Haj Jadid, 45 years old( badly injured)
  9. Abakar Adam Hamaad Adam, 46 years old( deadly injured)
  10. Mariam Adam Hamaad Adam, 35 years old( critically injured)
  11. Al-Haj Daw Elbeit, 33 years old ( injured)
  12. Al-Haj Abdella, 21 years old, High Secondary School Student ( injured)
  13.  Zeinab Mohamed Yahyia, 20 years old( seriously injured)
  1. On 9th of July 2016, Khartoum’s paratroops militias, gang –raped 8 women including 3 minors from Eritaling village 1 Km from Fanga, east Jebel Marra, the savage rape incident happened when a group of women went out to collect fire wood from Wadi Dulu, between Fanga and Tebera, the names of the victims are:
  1. J.S.Y, 16 years old
  2. K.N., 14 years old
  3. H.S.Y, 13 years old
  4. M.A.J, 45 years old
  5. B.A.D, 41 years old
  6. S.M.A, 32 years old
  7. T.S.A, 38 years old
  8. F.A, 50 years old
  1. On 11th of Jjuly 2016, groups of Janjaweed militias kidnapped a farmer in Nyertete town of central Darfur, while he was watering his orchard garden. The victim was released after his relatives paid ransom-money of 90,000 SDG ( 6,750 $), his name is:
  1. Sheikh Abakar Mohamed( Khartoumi), 43 years old
  1. On 11th of July 2016, Janjaweed militias killed student from Birka Syra, Saraf Omra locality of west Darfur. The deceased was fatally shot inside the market  after he struggled to rescue  his cell phone from the hands of  the marauders, the name of the student is:
  1. Fadul Harun Yousif, 27 years old
  • On 13th of July 2016, Janjaweed militiamen on Camels back, slain Student from Dileij village of Wadi Saleh locality, West Darfur, the victim who fought back his attacker until he breathed his last breath, was shot while he was walking between Baraki village and Dileij, the name of the Student is:
  1. Bahr Eldin Adam Abdul Khaliq, 22 years old
  1. On 15th of July 2016, Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services( NISS) arrest in El-Geneina, capital of West Darfur, Sheikh Yousif Abdalla Abaker, 70 years old, the Muslim Imam was arrested on  background of his severe criticism to government central authorities of Khartoum, during speech he delivered on the occasion of Eid Al-Fiter, he held Khartoum authorities responsible for what is happening in Darfur and urged them to fear God on their subjects and do everything in their power to protect the lives of people of Darfur .“ It’s our doomed fate to govern us the most illiterate people on earth , Khartoum killed us, displaced us and raped us , don’t kill us like locust , we are a dignified human-beings  ” said an excerpt from his sermon. “Don’t claim that you are devoted, faithful and God-fearing Muslims when you are killing us on the holy month of Ramadan” he decried. “Why the mess we are in happening only in Darfur and not in Khartoum, Al-Jazeera, Dongola or anywhere in Sudan?” he further asked. The Sheikh finally transferred to Khartoum on 17th of July 2016.
  1. On 20th of July 2016, Khartoum’s Janjaweed Militias on Camels back killed 4 members of one family in Sangir village, 11 Km west of Kutum, North Darfur, the incidents occurred when Janjaweed herders, said to be relatives to the  Chief –Janjaweed Musa Hilal from Awlad Mahriyya entered their camels in the farm of Mr. Ali Adam, while his 4 son are cultivating their farm, the boys tried to prevent the camels from eating and devastating the seedlings, then the militias shot all of them. 
  1. On 20th of July 2016, groups of Janjaweed militias attacked an IDP and broke her hand in Kassab area of Fatta Barnu locality, the perpetrators fled a way, the name of the victim is:
  1. Zeinab Ibrahim Abdella    
  1. On 21st of July 2016, Khartoum’s Antonov bombarded villages of Koura, Teyye, Gorlangbanj , the bombardment killed 2 minors, their names are :
  1. Gamar Eldin Yahyia, 8 years old
  2. Abu Bakar Hussein Saleh, 12 years old
  1. On 22ed of July 2016, groups of unidentified militiamen  critically injured a minor in Zalingei of central Darfur, stray bullet hit the victim while the militias started randomly firing in the town, the name of the minor is:
  1. Mansour Arbab Hussein
  1. On 25th of July 2016, Khartoum’s –backed Janjaweed militias attacked IDPs of Dar es Salam IDP camp, Gireida locality of South Darfur, in which 2 IDPs were killed and another one injured, the IDPs were cultivating their farmlands, when the militias intercepted and attacked them, the names of the victims are :
  1. Yahyia Mohamed Adam, 50 years old, nickname (Adira)
  2. Abdul Basit Al-Tahir, 36 years old
  3. Omer Al-Sanousi, 55 years old( injured)
  1. On 25th of July 2016, Janjaweed militiamen on Camels back murdered a resident from Shoba village, North Darfur and seriously injured his brother, the victims were en route to Kabkabiyya when the militias attacked them, their names are :
  1. Yahyia Mohamed Abaker, 35 years old
  2. Aadil Mohamed Abaker, 29 years old( mortally injured)
  1. On 28th of July 2016, Khartoum’s gunships indiscriminately bombarded villages of Daya, Naama, Jebel Marra, the bombardment let to the killing of an elder, besides killing of 27 head of goat and sheep, 32 head of donkey, the name of the victim is:
  1. Sheikh Abdul Shakur Ahmed Eissa, 75 years old
  1. Between 31st of July- 3st of August 2016, Sudan’s government agents of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), arrested more than 16 IDPs leaders, among them women in South, Central and North Darfur states, while other IDPs were summoned and then released. The arrests in Nyertete, Kass and Al-Fashir took place three days after the U.S special Envoy to both Sudan and South Sudan concluded his visit to Darfur which started on 28th of July 2016, ambassador Booth visited several IDPs camps in Darfur, during which the IDPs articulated their plights to the Envoy, they told him about the rampant extra-judicial killings, rapes and abductions cases by militiamen across Darfur. They further complained about the violent expropriation of their farmlands by the new-occupiers brought from the neighboring Countries by the genocide regime of Khartoum, and demanded that the new-settlers must be expelled from their lands. Then; immediately after Booth left Security agents conducted IDPs camps- wide hunt looking for those leaders who attended the meetings with Booth, the office of the Special Envoy remained tight-lipped about the cases of detentions while several IDPs leaders still on the run, the names of the detainees are:
  1. Adam Siddeiq Omer, 75 years old
  2. Adam Mohamed Ali, 45 years old
  3.   Abdul Karim Adam Abdul Karim, 32 years old
  4. Yousif Harun( Sankara), 30 years old
  5. Tigani Abdul Jabbar Yousif, 25 years medical assistant
  6. Ali ( Abul A’la) 27 years old
  7. Isshaq ( Tabu Diya), 52 years old
  8. Osman Abdul Gadir Abdul Sadiq, 20 years old
  9. Adam Isshaq Abdul Karim, 25 years old
  10. Adam Isshaq Omer, 27 years old
  11. Jamila Abdul Rasoul, 37 years old
  12. Fatim Al-Siddiq Guma, 32 years old
  13. Al-Fateh Guma Shmbaal, 35 years old
  14. Mohamed Suleiman
  15. Nasr Eldin Yousif
  16. Adam Musa, 50 years old
  17. Adam Hamid Mohamed ( summoned by security agents and released)
  18. Ahmed Omer, 40 years old( summoned and then released)
  1. On 1st of August 2016, Khartoum’s fighter jets, bombarded farmlands in several villages located North to Kaguru village, North  Jebel Marra, the bombardment killed 2 twin babies their names are:
  1. Hassan Hamid Saleh, 5 years old
  2. Hussein Hamid Saleh, 5 years old
  1. On 1st of August 2016, Janjaweed militants raped 2 women near Abou Zeid scheme of  Dobo  Al-Umda village, east Jebel Marra the names of the rapees are:
  1. K.A.S, 56 years old
  2. S.M, 47 years old
  1. On 1st of August 2016, elements of the Janjaweed militias killed 3 IDPs and injured 4 others in Fasha village 28 Km North of the state capital of Nyala, the victims were tilling their farms while the militias attacked them, their names are:
  1. Abdul Momin Abdella 49 years old
  2. Naasir Al-Ahmedi, 56 years old
  3. Mohamed Ahmed Hussein, 43 years old
  4. Abaker Adam, 23 years old( injured)
  5. Osman Guma Ahmed, 45 years old( injured)
  6. Mohamed Ahmed Omer, 55 years old9injured)
  7. Idriss Elyas Haroun, 21 years old(injured)
  1. On 3th of August 2016, un identified gunmen driving on a land cruiser opened fire on a vehicle near Ghazala Jawazat in East Darfur, killing 5 passengers and injured 5 others, the wounded passengers were taken to El-Daen hospital for treatment, the names of killed passengers are:
  1. Hassan El Toum
  2. El Jack Ismail yousif
  3. Zakaria Hamid
  4. Rashida Hassan Ahmed
  5. Un identified woman
  1. On 5th of August 2016.elements of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security services(NISS) arrested more 3 IDPs in Nyerete , central Darfur for meetings with U.S special envoy to both Sudan and South Sudan Donald Booth, the  names of the detainees are:
  1. Khalid Hassan Yahyia
  2. Yahyia Mohamed Yousif
  3.  Isshaq Abdul Shafei
  1. On 5th of August 2016, Militias of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) looted shops in downtown of  Nyertete town ,central Darfur, the commercial goods looted is estimated by 2,000,000  SDG ( 150,000 $).
  1. On 7th of August 2016, Janjaweed militias on Camels back, raped 3 women in Katur area, east Jebel Marra, the names of the victims are:
  1. H.B.A, 15 years old
  2. M.M.A, 20 years old
  3. K.M.A, 21, years old
  4. On 8th of August 2016, Khartoum’s Antonov indiscriminately bombarded areas around  Lugi and Kilinj villages of Jebel Marra, in which 5 civilians were killed,
  1. including minors and a newly born baby and 5 others injured, the name of the victims are:
  1. Hawa Yahyia Bakur Karam Eldin, 60 years old
  2. Hanuna Isshaq Khamis, 20 years old
  3. Ruqayya Isshaq Khamis, 12 years old
  4. Um Salama Ali Adam Abdella, 10 years old
  5. Mutasim Idriss Abaker, only 20 Month old
  6. Khadija Isshaq Khamis, 30 years old(badly injured)
  7. Manahil Idriss Abaker, 2 years old( injured)
  8. Mohamed Harun Abaker, 45 years old( injured)
  9. Isshaq Eissa Harun, 27 years old(injured)
  10. Abdella Mohamed Ahmed, 38 years old(injured)
  1. Between 8th -10th of August 2016, the Sudanese agents of  National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) arrested in Kas, South Darfur 5 IDPs on the background of attending meetings with U.S special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan ambassador Donald Booth, their arrest brings the number of IDPs detainees following Booth’s visit to more than 25 in Kas and Nyertete alone , the names of the detainees are:
  1. Adam Salih, 60 years old, paramount sheikh of the IDPs
  2. Khalil Adam Ibrahim, 55 years old
  3. Omer Abdul Kabir, 60 years old
  4. Abdul Jabbar Ahmed Abdul Mula, 70 years old
  5. Abdella Mundi, 43 years old
  1. On 12th of August 2016. Khartoum’s fighter jets conducted series of bombardments in West, East and Central Jebel Marra  concentrating on the densely populated areas, as world’s attention focused on the roadmap negotiations in Addis, Khartoum is retaliating by killing more and more civilians , the Sudan Liberation Movement cannot rule out the death toll and causalities inflicted as civilians fled to hide outs , nevertheless one elderly woman was confirmed killed inside her cottage in Torogtoga village in the central of Jebel Marra, her name is :
  1. Mariam Adam Abaker, 80 years old     

Second: villages totally burned to ashes by Khartoum’s forces and its paratroops militias during the two months of June and July

  1.  Areas of  South-West Jebel Marra( Dar Wanna)
  1. Tore
  2. Tore market
  3. Turdi
  4. Torogtoga
  5. Gende tu
  6.   Salal
  7. Tiri
  8. Kaldure
  9. Tubanj
  10. Gurlangbanj
  11. Sabon Al-Fagur
  12. Gubo
  13. Barigo
  1. Areas of West Jebel Marra ( Marri and Liwin)
  1. Kenega
  2. Koro
  3. Buroga
  4. Baldog
  5. Kaalu
  6. Uudiyo
  7. Rari
  8. Kuturum Al-Hila
  9.  Kuturum Al-suq
  10. Barrbara
  11. Yofa
  12. Tofe
  13. Tome
  14. Tirisoor
  15. Suruga
  16. Dili
  17. Kude
  18. Burrgu
  19. Taadu
  20. Kurrmul
  21. Teyye
  1. Areas of North –East Jebel Marra ( villages around Sorong)
  1. Siri Saam
  2. Tabu Mulu
  3. Buro east
  4. Buro west
  5. Sorong Al-Hila
  6. Sorong Al-Suq
  7.  Dursa
  8. Logee
  9. Manabu
  10. Hilat Ali
  11. Siga
  12. Hila Muhajiriyya
  13.  Kaburo
  14. Manga
  15. Awri
  16. Toro
  17. Kuyii
  18. Kilinj
  19.  Joor
  20.  Tebera
  21. Kiruga
  22. Mela
  23. Kurmuk
  24. Toro
  25. Dermaa
  26. Toran Tora
  27. Wadi Al-nil
  28. Toran Tiri
  29. Juu Kosti
  30. Barrdani
  31. Tido
  32. Buri
  33. Taari
  34. Dugo
  35. Dorgo
  36. Sorong North( Partially burned)
  37. Turdi ( partially burned)

Third: Communal lands ( Hawakir) occupied by new-settlers in Darfur

  1. Areas of West and Central Datfur bordering Central Africa Republic(C.A.R)   administratively known as Dar Diima
  1. Dar Kulli
  2. Zami Toya
  3. Zami Baya
  4. Dar Kerne
  5. Dar Miri
  6. Dar Kobra
  7. Dar Tebella
  8. Dar Kutiyya
  9. Tilni
  10. Tirja
  11. Suro
  12. Nyoma
  13. Fungoro
  14. Aribo
  1. Areas  of West Darfur bordering Chad
  1. Dar Masalit
  2. Dar Fia
  3. Madi
  4. And parts of Dar Kerne
  1. Areas of North Darfur
  1. Jabal Sii
  2. Furawiyya
  3. Dar Forog
  4. Dar Fornog
  5. Simbi Koya
  6. Pparts of Dar Zaghawa
  7. Parts of Dar Fia
  8.  Parts of Dar Meidob
  9. Amu
  10. Ein Kulaagi
  11. Meilla
  12. Ja’gaa
  13. La’gaa
  14. Barakallah
  15. Fatta Barnu
  16. Korma
  17. Kafut
  18.  Khereil
  1. Area of South Darfur
  1. Vast parts of Dar Kobra
  2. Parts of Miri
  3. Parts of Dar Kulli

Lastly; The Sudan Liberation Movement urge the international community take immediate action to force the Sudanese dictatorship to stop waging a merciless war on its own people and demand that all government forces withdraw from the Jebel Marra region and Darfur as a whole; whereby the blockade on critically needed humanitarian supplies and life-saving necessaties may be lifted forthwith and in the same instance aid organizations,, the world media and non-partisan observers may be allowed to return. The outside world has largely forgotten Darfur and this is beyond our comprehension when more than 700,000 lives have been lost in what constitutes nothing less than genocide against our people. We beseech your aid in the name of universal humanity.  


Issued on 13th of August 2016
By the Civil Administration of Sudan Liberation Movement
The Liberated Areas
Jebel Marra Sector



دليل المواقع

اخبار منظمات ونشطاء ابناء دارفور

جديد الاخبار

بيانات صحفية

جديد مقالات

كبيرة الفنانين في دارفور مريم أمو

Warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I  4 March 2009

أعلنت حركة العدل والمساواة مقتل زعيمها خليل إبراهيم، وأكد جبريل إبراهيم شقيق خليل ونائب رئيس الحركة -في اتصال مع الجزيرة- مقتل خليل في غارة استهدفته عندما كان يتنقل في موكب مع عدد من عناصر الحركة.

Omar al-Bashir: conflict in Darfur is my responsibility

الحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان تعتقد كل من يعترف بحقوق شعب دارفور وحقه المشروع في تقريرمصيره . هو عضو أصيل في الحركة الوطنية لتحريرالسودان أعلنها أم لم يعلنها .
أما بخصوص وحدة المقاومة في دارفور فالحركة الوطنية رؤيتها واضحة من المنادين بوحدة صف المقاومة في دارفور اليوم قبل الغد . وهي من أولويات الحركة الوطنية  وسوف تظل تنادي بها الي ان تتحقق.
موسى يعقوب
امين الاعلام للحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان

baba Call to day
Adam Bunga the King of Agreat Darfur's Singer
On 0020140786129


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