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Tuesday, 01/22/2013

                 The new dawn and right of self-determination for Darfur

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My thanks to the Sudanese oppositions for singing the New Dawn Charter, this came into existence on 5th January 2013 in Kampala. I supported it in principle; however in my point of view it needs some additional clear text, stating the right of self-determination for Darfur at the end of its interim period.  

Politic is son of history, and the series of the Sudanese political history are connected each other. The present is past and the past is the present. The fruits are the seeds as the children are the parents. 

The grass root of Sudan problems are not writing and signing of the charters or the peace agreements, but dishonored the charters and the peace agreements. There are many of them since 1953 have been singed but not been implemented, so the challenges are doing rather than saying.  

The option for the dishonored charters is the war, which was broke out since 1955.  The war is the lack of security, bloodshed, and the loss of lives. Villages have been burned, displacements, refugees, and orphans children, widower women, and the losses of the future generation.

I will highlight the example of the first transition government in Sudan, on the light of the Cairo agreement of Self-govern and the right of self-determination for Sudan in 1953. From the total of 800 sovereign posts, some certain group had acquired 788 posts a rate of 98.5%. The rest of 12 posts for the marginalization people a rate of 1.5%. This the outcome of the Sudanization of the sovereignty posts.

According to the Sudanization percentage of 98.5% and 1.5%, these standards have been defined who is the Sudanese who acquired his self-rights and who is not. And even in the proportion of 1.5%, Darfur share is zero; So Darfur is not part of Sudan self-determination according to the 1953 agreements.

The Sudanization has been completed in 1955; the law for the referendum of all Sudanese for the rights of self-determination has been abolished by the parliament. And the letter from the condominium power to form international committee to observe the procedures of self-determination, and if there any area in Sudan not agrees, the process of Sudan self-determination should be stopped, the letter was according to the article 10 in 1953 agreement. This letter has been ignored and replaced by the promise of the federation after the independent, and should be via constitutional conference which is due since.

The first “democratic” government in1956 continues on the same base, the first military government in 1958 also continues on same track. The second transition government 1964 proceeds on the same foundation and the second democratic government in 1965, and the second military government in 1969 on same way.
The third transition government in 1985, the third democratic government in 1986 and the third military government in 1989, all of them continues not making Sudan for all.  The interim, the civilian and the military, these three circles continues copy themselves three times from bad to worse, and from worse to the worst.

The war broke out in Sudan in 20th of August 1955 in South Sudan, and reached its peak of committing crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile. By the ruling regime now and continues day and night.

So the diagnoses of Sudan problem from my point of view, is an equation between the dishonored agreements and the option of the war.

The solution of Sudan problem is an equation, between dishonored agreements and the option of sustainable peace for a better future for all.

For that the additional text stating right of self-determination for Darfur should be added to the New Dawn charter and any new charter, at the end of the interim period. The result is a sustainable peace for all generations, whether the vote for unity or secession and no more war. There are many examples, South Sudan, Eritrea, and the former Yugoslavia

My point of view is not necessarily to be accepted by the all, but necessarily reflecting the reality of Sudan politics. In conclusion, my end goal is sustainable peace, and bright future for the all.

Yahia El-Bashir Bolad
Chair of SNLM


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