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Monday 27-Jun-2016 8:13

Supplementary Report No (2)
The Continuation of the attacks of Sudan Government on Jebel Marra


The appendix report No (2) is continuation to appendix report No (1) issued on 30th of April 2016, by Sudan Liberation Movement/Army Under the chairmanship of Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al-Nour, regarding the continuous attacks on Jebel Marra since mid January 2016, which was initiated by Sudan armed forces, mercenaries from radical Jihadist and Janjaweed militias created and some others brought in by president Omer Al- Bashir and his government; who are recently reorganized as Rapid Support Forces (RSF).
The kleptocrat, Islamists ruling elites in Khartoum to target the positions of the Sudan Liberation Army; instead they expressed their yearnings for genocide and ethnic cleansing on armless innocent civilians as usual. Accordingly; the implemented relentless, massive scorched earth policy in and around Jebel Marra which itself is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian laws. However; the ongoing attacks on Jebel Marra up to date caused and still raising the death toll among innocent civilians and children in particular, in addition to mass rapes, massive displacement, cute hunger and malnutrition and irreparable damages to the lives of hundreds of thousands innocent civilians.
Meanwhile; the keen rapprochement of the world community to the genocide regime of Khartoum and creation of indoor relations is adding more suffering to the genocide survivors in all war-torn regions of Sudan and further undermines any sincere efforts to achieve a lasting peace and democratic transformation in Sudan. As the junta of the National Congress Party (NCP) motivated by the untimely rapprochement, they invented new mechanisms and schemes to accelerate the final solution in Darfur. The increasing phenomena of kidnapping the IDPs and civilians by Khartoum-created militias as a mean of extorting ransom-money from the victim’s family or the IDPs is invented by Khartoum as a new warfare against genocide survivors of Darfur. The hijacking of commercial vehicles, blocking roads and imposing total siege to some IDPs camps by militiamen are all meant to starve victims to death, dismantle the IDPs camps and eventually complete the final stage of the genocide in Darfur.
This appendix report discloses some of the recently occurred incidents of indiscriminate bombardment, killing, mass rape, villages burned, civilians abduction and damages inflicted on properties and its organized in two parts as follows:-

First: cases of Abduction

  1. On 15th of April 2016, members of Janjaweed militia abducted two IDPs from Kalam IDPs camp, the abductors released the victims on 29 of April 2016, after their relatives  paid ransom-money of 70,000 SDG ( 11, 375 $), their names are:
  1. Sabir Haroun Adam, 28 years old
  2. Mohammed Musa, 34 years old


  1. On 28th of April 2016, at 2 pm, the Janjaweed militias, using  3 land cruisers mounted with Dushka machine guns attacked Kalma IDPs camp, they abducted 3 IDPs and seriously injured another resident , the abductees were released on 30th of April 2016 after the IDPs of the camp ransomed 120,000 SDG ( 19, 500 $) their names are:
  1. haider Idriss Ja’mi, 45 years old
  2. Mohammed Issa, 40 years old
  3. Abaker Al-haj Fadoul Abdella,( seriously injured in the stomach)


  1. On 2ed of May 2016, Khartoum’s Janjaweed militias ransacked Tour village, in western Jebel Marra, in which they looted 5 motorbikes, some livestock, they further kidnapped 4 civilian and critically injured 3 others. The 4 captive were released later after the kidnappers obtained ransom money of 170,000 SDG ( 27, 625 $) from the relatives of the victims ,their names are:
  1. Saeed Ishag Guma, 30 years old
  2. Guma Gaari, 56 years old
  3. Khadeeja Abaker, 43 years old
  4. Suleiman Mohammed
  5. Yousif Salami, nickname sheikh Yawif,26 years old ( seriously injured)
  6. Abdella Abdulrahman, nickname Junga, 75 years old (critically injured and died later )
  7. Saalim Abaker, 19 years old ( injured)


  1. On mid May 2016, Khartoum’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Kidnapped sheikh .Himma Dawoud, sheikh of sheikhs ( paramount chief) of Umm Zaghraad  IDPs camp, western Nyala, he was released after the sheikhs of the camp paid 40,000 SDG ( 6, 500 $ ) in ransom.


  1. On 6th of May 2016, Janjaweed militiamen kidnapped 4 IDPs form Sortony camp of North Darfur, adjacent to the UNAMID base in Sortony, the abductees were taken to unknown destination ,their names are:
  1. Faisal Adam, 35 years old
  2. Mohammed Yousif, 32 years old
  3. Zakaria Musa, 18 years old
  4.  Adam Yousif, 13 years old


  1. On 7th of May 2016, elements of Janjaweed militia abducted 2 IDPs from the market of  Karkara village, near Sortony IDPs camp, the abductors before leaving the market with their victims, told an elderly woman to inform the relatives of the abductees that, they are ready to release them, if the relatives pay ransom of 165,000 SDG ( 26, 812.5 $), the names of the captives are:
  1. Adam Musa Bashir,23 years old 
  2. Abdulrahman Abdella, 38 years old


  1. On 7th of May 2016, the Janjaweed militiamen kidnapped 2 civilian from Sortony IDPs camp of North Darfur, the whereabouts of the victims are unknown. Moreover, since the kidnapping of the two IDPs until writing this report Khartoum’s militant groups imposed total siege on Sortony IDPs camp, all roads to Sortony remain closed, and the IDPs are living in dire humanitarian conditions with no water, medicine or any relief items, UNAMID existence in the camp did nothing to lift the blockade. The names of the abductees are:
  1. Abidin Jalabi, 28 years old
  2. Daw Albeit, 25 years old


  1. On 28 0f April 2016, The local authorities of Murnei locality, in west Darfur, instructed Sheikhs of Murnei IDPs camp to relocate the camp, 3 Km far from the town, when the sheikhs  refused, arguing that, there is no security even few meters around the camp as Janjaweed militias are always roaming over the camp to intercept the IDPs, rape women, loot whatever they possess and kill them after that individuals from Sudan’s National Intelligence Services (NISS) and some elements from Rapid Support Forces(RSF), arrested 11 IDPs  from the camp, including some sheikhs, after they tricked them, their names are:
  1. Adam Abdulrahman Ishag
  2. Sheikh Yahia Hamid, 45 yars old
  3. Adam Abdelshafi, 38  years old
  4. Mohammed Adam Arbab, 32 years old
  5. Al-Sadiq Adam Hussein, 35 years old
  6. Adam Mohammed Omer, 46 years old
  7. Yahia Mohammed Adam, 39 years old
  8. Arbab Fadoul Mus, 40 years old
  9. Ishag Adam Issa, 34 years old
  10. Ishag Al-Halangei, 50 years old
  11. Yagoub Bindsei, 57 years old


  1. On 17th of May 2016, government-supported Janjaweed militiamen from Awlad Janoub sub-clan, intercepted and abducted 6 civilian from Kireinik locality, west Darfur, while they are en route to visit relatives using two cars.  The abductors after arduous and protracted negotiation with the relatives of their victims agreed to release them if they paid ransom of  750,000 SDG ( 121, 875 $ ) and therefore the relatives of the victims paid the money in two installment (500, 000 SDG, 250,000)( 81, 250 $ and 40, 625 $ ) the last of which was paid on 26th of May 2016, then they were  released on the  same day, but the abductors confiscated the two cars, the names of the abductees are:
  1. Adoum  Ali Ahmed, 50 years old
  2. Mudather Ramadan Mohammed, 42 years old
  3. Abaker Adam Ibrahim, 40 years old
  4. Idriss Abdella Omer, 37 years old( owner of a car)
  5. Mohamed Ahmed Ali , 35 years old ,nickname Abu Darag (owner of a car)
  6. Al-Haj Abdulrahman Ismail, 46 years old  


  1. On 19th of May 2016, Khartoum-backed militiamen Kidnapped 14 IDPs from Forika camp of Gireida locality, South Darfur, among the abductees are some minors, the militiamen accused the IDPs of stealing their lost 20 goat, their names are:


  1. Al-Fadil Yagoub, 20 years old
  2. Jidou Aldei Shigaf, 15 years old
  3. Issa Abdella, 25 years old
  4. Adil Abaker Adam, 20 years old
  5. Aldei Shigaf Al,60 years old
  6. Hamadi Yagoub Mohammed, 40 years old
  7. Suleiman Shumein Mohammed, 50 years old
  8. Ishag Suleiman Shumein, 17 years old
  9. Hassan Aldei Shigaf, 14 years old
  10. Hussein Aldei Shigaf, 17 years old
  11. Mohammed Ahmed Ali, 27 years old
  12. Salah Mohammed Ali, 19 years old
  13. Yagoub
  14.  Al-Fadil, 21 years old
  15. Yahia Musa Adam, 25 years old
  1. On 20th of May 2016, Khartoum’s Paratroop militias abducted  IDP from Kass camp, south Darfur and guided him to unknown destination, his name is :


  1. Mahieldin Altigani, 37 years old
  1. On 24th of May 2016, Janjaweed militiamen Kidnapped High Secondary School student from Abdulshakour village, Kutum locality, the militiamen after threatened to shoot their victim,  dragged him to unknown location, furthermore; the kidnappers contacted relatives of their captive and demanded ransom of 80,000 SDG (13, 000 $), in order to release him. His name is:


  1. Adil Issa Zakaria Nahar


  1. On 24th of May 2016, individuals from Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), abducted 3 IDPs from Kalma Camp, South Darfur, they fled with the captives to unknown destination, their names are:
  1. Adam Abduljabbar Fadoul, 40 years old
  2. Bakour Mohammed Yahia, 26 years old
  3. Abu Obeida Idriss, 29 years old


  1. On 27th of May 2016, Khartoum- supported members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) driving two land cruisers, mounted with Dushka machine guns kidnapped 6 civilian, including 3 women, en route to El Fashir from Fanga in East Jebel Marra, the driver was instructed to leave the vehicle which they took loaded with goods, the names of the captives are:
  1. Shamseldin Salih, 40 years old
  2. Dawoud Hamid, 53 years old
  3. Al-Haj Abaker Adam, 65 years old
  4. Sara Ali Hussein, 15 years old
  5. Salma Omer Yagoub, 17 years old
  6. Mariam Yousif Abaker, 28 years old


  1. On 31st of May 2016, unidentified Militiamen Kidnapped  resident from Kass  South Darfur, the victim was sitting in front of his house, while he was caught they took him to unknown destination , his name is:
  1. Noureldin Abaker Shu’ayb


  1. On 1st of June 2016, militia bandits kidnapped 6 members of Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), under leadership of Dr. Al-Tijani sseisi of Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) created to implement the lame DDPD in collaboration with the genocide regime of Khartoum .The names of some abductees are:
  1. Yahya Hassan Neil
  2. Al-toum Suleiman
  3. Mohammed Ibrahim

Second: Some incidents of killing, rape, wanton bombardment, properties looted and     injuries inflicted on civilian populations recently:

  1. On 2ed of May 2016, the gunships of Khartoum regime bombarded areas of Kuturom and Fugei, west Jebel Marra, the wanton bombardment caused widespread poisoning and suffocation among the villagers of the two areas, as a result 13 civilian lost their live the next day, including  some minors, the name of the deceased are:
  1. Halima Mohammed Sharaf, 22 years old
  2. Halima Abdella Arbab, 19 years old
  3. Mariam Adam Yahia, 35 years old
  4. Hawa Tabla, 39 years old
  5. Halim Yousif Daraja, 21 years old
  6. Halim Adam Issa, 7 years old
  7. Hawa Muhajir Sharafeldin, 5 years old
  8.   Ahmed Abduljabbar Abdella, 12 years old
  9. Adam Abduljabbar, 6 years old
  10. Mohammed Shaw, 4 years old
  11. Zeinab Issa, 1 year old
  12. Mohammed Mohammed Adam, 19 years old
  13. Farida Yousif Abdulrahman, 3 years old


  1. On 4th of May 2016, Khartoum’s Jets resumed its bombardment on Kuturom, which led to killing of some livestock including  22 head of cow, 51 head of goat and sheep and seriously injured 3 children , their names are:
  1. Abdelhafiz Haroun Musa, 10 years old
  2. Saleima Haroun Musa, 15 years old
  3. Aamir Haroun Musa, 7 years old


  1. On 7th of May 2016, members of the Janjaweed militia, gang-raped 3 women from Tawila IDPs camp, North Darfur, while on their way to collect fire woods 3 Km from the camp, the names of the rapees are:
  1. A.K.J
  2. J.S.A
  3. M.T

Note: For the purposes of a biding by our society’s rule and to void exposing the rapees therefore, the names of the victims are shown in this report with initials, while the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army keep in its records the real names of the rapees for future references.

  1. On 7th of May 2016, Khartoum’s Antonov indiscriminately bombarded, with barrel bombs, Tiyou village, 2 Km East of Sortony  IDPs camp, the bombardment seriously injured 4 IDPs, their names are:
  1. Abdulrazig Haamid Yousif, 54 years old
  2.  Suleiman Ahmed, 23 years old
  3. Zakaria Mohammed, 36 years old
  4. Adam Mustafa, 41 years old


  1. On 7th of May 2016, members of Rapid Support Forces (RSF), killed 2 civilian and injured another resident in Um Laouta, 7 Km to the  North West of Kabkabiya town, the names of the victims are:
  1. Guma Saeir Ajib, 27 years old
  2. Manzoul Abdella Ajib, 22 years old
  3. Mohammed Adam, nickname Ajeina (injured)


  1. On 8th of May 2016,government –supported Janjaweed militiamen, killed  resident in Nyertetei town of central Darfur, the deceased was shot dead while he was watering his Mangoes orchard garden 1 km from the town, his name is:
  1. Salih Abaker Salih


  1. On 12th of May 2016,members of Janjaweed militia, attacked with RPG the mosque of Sortony TDPs camp, in which they burned the mosque, killed one minor and injured another 2 IDPs, the names of the victims are:
  1. Mujahid  Guma Adam, 9 years old
  2. Mohamed Ali Adam, 19 years old ( critically injured)
  3. Ali Abdella Mohammed (injured)


  1. On 22ed of May 2016, Tuesday evening, members of Janjaweed Militiamen led by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) commander, Issa Hussein committed a massacre against praying people of Azerni inside the mosque, 7 Km to the North East of El Geneina capital of West Darfur, and killed 10 displaced people, while injured 5 others, including two young brothers. The carnage took place when a militiaman hired a boy from the village to transport his goods on a wheelbarrow, when the boy carried the goods to the agreed upon destination, the militiaman refused to pay him any money, and instead he started lashing the boy severely and calling him bad names like “slaves do not deserve to be paid”, without any reasonable cause, the boy, defending himself stabbed to death the militiaman. The next day groups of Janjaweed militiamen siege the village and demanded that, the villagers pay them blood money of 450,000 SDG ( 73, 125 $ ) within 24 hours or else they will kill them and ransack the village. Fearing for their lives, the villagers paid half of the money and promise to pay the rest next day, but to their astonishment, the Janjaweed militiamen committed the massacre. Below are the names of those who died on the spot as well as the injured :
  1. Yassin Adam Ibrahim, 28 years old
  2. Mahjoub Abdella Mohamed Touj, 45 years old
  3. AbdulMajeed Yahya Ali Adam, 29 years old
  4. Ibrahim Yahya, 70 years old
  5. Abdella Haroun Habou, 75 years old
  6. Khamis Abu Sayyidna, 70 years old
  7. Abdella Adam Dawoud, 40 years old
  8. Mohammed Adam Dawoud, 37 years old
  9. Haroun Ishag Hassa, 24 years old
  10. Adam Abdul Karim, 33 years old
  11. Ismail Mohammed Abaker ( seriously injured)
  12. Guma Ismail Mohammed Abaker, 17 years old (injured)
  13. Ahmed Mustafa Adam, 11 years old (injured)
  14. Nasreldin Mustafa Adam, 8 years old (injured)
  15.  Al-Hadi Abaker Mohammed, 35 years old( sustained bad injuries)


 Finally; the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army is struggling against extermination to achieve the secular, liberal, democratic and united Sudan for the Sudanese people whom justly deserve peace, justice, freedom, equal representation, human dignity and rights. The situation in the country is spiraling out of control, especially in Darfur where genocide survivors are living in dire humanitarian conditions, with no food, shelter, water, or medicine. In and around Jebel Marra 1.5 million civilian populations are facing unbearable conditions and certain death, due to Khartoum imposed humanitarian blockage, and as the rainy season has already started the situation will worsen. Therefore; the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army seize this opportunity to call upon the regional and International community embodied in the UN, EU, the Troika countries, the AU and others as well as all human rights groups, to do whatever; it takes to stop genocide in Darfur and wars of Sudan in the Nuba Mountain and the Blue Nile and save lives of innocent vulnerable millions of civilians. The UN Security Council, the AU Peace and Security Council, and the UNAMID should take concrete measures to protect civilians in Darfur from further killings, rapes and kidnappings; rather than keeping elusive peace which has never been there. The time to act is now!!!!


Issued on 3th of June 2016
By the Civil Administration of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army
The Liberated Areas
Jebel Marra Sector








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