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Saturday, 07/14/2012


Political Statement

  • The current escalating sustainable waves of popular demonstrations and uprisings, though they have been ignited by recent economic austerity measures they are the result of accumulative grievances and the overall rejection of the policies pursued by the NIF Regime.


  • These demonstrations have erupted spontaneously and have not been orchestrated or organised by any of the traditional political forces.  Although these demonstrations are lead by various youth and student organisations and groups they are all united under the banner of overthrowing the NIF Regime, restoration of democracy, implementation of peaceful solutions to various areas of conflict, up-rooting corruption and bringing to justice all individuals and groups responsible for atrocities and crime against humanity.

  • These demonstrations have so far been peaceful exercising their constitutional rights.  However, they are confronted by unprecedented and brutal measures by the government forces including indiscriminate arrests, torture and arbitrary killings.  There are some elements within the traditional Police Forces who refrain from attacking the peaceful demonstrations and this lead the government to resort to the Mujahideen forces which are known to be very fanatic and aggressive.  The government also transported the Gengaweed forces from the Darfour region.  These forces have committed genocide and arbitrary killings in the past.  These forces are also now guarding Khartoum after midnight and they are instructed to eliminate any individuals who may seem suspicious to them. There are also confirmed reports that the government has activated a unit which belongs to Al-Quaeda organisation.   This unit has been put on full alert to be utilised against the popular up-rising.


  • Various youth organisations and groups have now joined forces and unified themselves under the umbrella of the Sudan Front for Change (SFC).  They fully adopted it’s programme and it’s objectives (please see attached declaration). 

  • We in the SFC welcome the Declaration by the so called National Consensus Forces (NCF) as they committed themselves for the first time to overthrow the NIF government.  However, we have some grave reservations about this declaration.


a.  The Declaration  has excluded all other forces which genuinely  have been fighting against the NIF government, mainly regional liberation movements in Darfour, Kordofan, Blue Nile and Eastern Sudan.

Also excluded  are:-
Professional bodies and trade union organisations leaders, who historically orchestrated and lead the previous popular revolutions in October 1964 and April 1985.

Modern youth forces which are now in the vanguard struggle against the NIF dictatorship.

Other political organisations which are not part of the NCF and which have genuine reservations about the political orientation, affiliation and conduct of some of the NCF members. 

b.  The Declaration is rather vague, compromising and reflects the historical ideological contradictions between the parties forming the NCF groups.

c.  The Declaration shies away and avoids tackling the problems and issues which constitute the foundation of the political crisis in Sudan since independence especially the issues of injection of religion into politics and the acceptance of the pluralistic nature of the Sudan. 

The Declaration stops short of committing itself to the dismantling of the NIF regime and eradicating it’s policies.  Implicitly, some elements within the NCF are advocating only decorative changes at the level of the Head of the State whilst preserving the whole structure of the State apparatus with it’s pro-Islamic political orientation.

  • We in the SFC believe that coupling the NIF regime is only the first step towards restructuring and rebuilding the Sudan on new foundations based on secularism, democracy, pluralism and equitable development.  We will continue to strive and passionately and objectively canvass and mobilise youth forces, modern and regional forces under these banners to achieve our goals.


Dr. Ahmed Abbas Abu Sham
Sudanese Front for Change
The 12th of July 2012




















































































دليل المواقع

اخبار منظمات ونشطاء ابناء دارفور

جديد الاخبار

بيانات صحفية

جديد مقالات

كبيرة الفنانين في دارفور مريم أمو

Warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I  4 March 2009
أضحك من قلبك مع البشير وعادل إمام

أعلنت حركة العدل والمساواة مقتل زعيمها خليل إبراهيم، وأكد جبريل إبراهيم شقيق خليل ونائب رئيس الحركة -في اتصال مع الجزيرة- مقتل خليل في غارة استهدفته عندما كان يتنقل في موكب مع عدد من عناصر الحركة.

Omar al-Bashir: conflict in Darfur is my responsibility

الحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان تعتقد كل من يعترف بحقوق شعب دارفور وحقه المشروع في تقريرمصيره . هو عضو أصيل في الحركة الوطنية لتحريرالسودان أعلنها أم لم يعلنها .
أما بخصوص وحدة المقاومة في دارفور فالحركة الوطنية رؤيتها واضحة من المنادين بوحدة صف المقاومة في دارفور اليوم قبل الغد . وهي من أولويات الحركة الوطنية  وسوف تظل تنادي بها الي ان تتحقق.
موسى يعقوب
امين الاعلام للحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان

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