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Sunday, 07/22/2012

The Sudan National Liberation Movement (SNLM) position on the Sudanese opposition parties “Democratic Alternative  Charter “

The SNLM welcomes in principle the signature of the Sudanese opposition parties on “Democratic Alternative Charter” to overthrow the ruling regime in Sudan and pave the way of how the country should be governed afterward .    

The digestion rights of the people of Darfur started since1956, through the first military coup in 1958, the first uprising in 1964, the second military coup in1969, the second uprising in 1985 and the third military coup in 1989 up to now. Too many promises and agreements dishonoured deliberately and intentionally.

The oppression has been the culmination of injustice and reached its peak in genocide killing of hundreds of thousands and displaced millions of people in Darfur. The response was the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court against the head of the regime and his associates. Furthermore many UN Security Council Resolutions have been issued related to Darfur. This confirms beyond any doubt that the people of Darfur have legitimate rights, this doesn’t detract the rest of the people of Sudan have issues in the framework of the right of expression.

The grass root solution for the right of the people of Darfur since 1956 lies in the right of self-determination for the people of Darfur to choose between stay in Sudan or independence. Their choice must be respected and it doesn’t conflict with Democratic Alternative Charter but as a complement to it, and must be included. The lessons of the history have been learned.

Yahia El-Bashir Bolad 
Leader of the  Sudan National Liberation Movement
London 22 / 07 / 2012


















































































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كبيرة الفنانين في دارفور مريم أمو

Warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I  4 March 2009
أضحك من قلبك مع البشير وعادل إمام


Omar al-Bashir: conflict in Darfur is my responsibility

الحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان تعتقد كل من يعترف بحقوق شعب دارفور وحقه المشروع في تقريرمصيره . هو عضو أصيل في الحركة الوطنية لتحريرالسودان أعلنها أم لم يعلنها .
أما بخصوص وحدة المقاومة في دارفور فالحركة الوطنية رؤيتها واضحة من المنادين بوحدة صف المقاومة في دارفور اليوم قبل الغد . وهي من أولويات الحركة الوطنية  وسوف تظل تنادي بها الي ان تتحقق.
موسى يعقوب
امين الاعلام للحركة الوطنية لتحرير السودان

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