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Thursday, 12/10/2015

  How to overcome Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD)?
  By Yahia El-Bashir (Bolad)

Sudan is state that has been at war with itself since independence due to the acute failure of the Northern Sudanese ruling elite. The Sudanese state has waged several civil wars against its own people, as the current regime commit gross human rights atrocities, war crime, crime against humanity and genocide in Darfur. Therefore, economical sanctions, political sanctions and diplomatic sanctions have been imposed on Sudan. In addition to that the President of Sudan Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir’s has been indicted by the International Criminal Court at Hague for charges of war crime, crime against humanity and genocide in Darfur. He stills on run from the international justice which it has long arms and long memory. 

The paradox of peace in Sudan is how to end the vicious cycle between dishonoured agreements and option of war. In light of the past historical precedents of the broken promises; due to the absence of the political willingness from the pervious and current government, which characterize Sudan politics since 1956 up to date, waging wars re-emerged as the only path to win equal citizenship right.

 The first task of the regime in Khartoum should be is to find a solution to the Sudan’s conflict in Darfur. The conflict that has gone on for far too long, claimed far too many lives and caused far too much suffering with far too little done to stop it. It appears right of self-determination for Darfur as a means to make unity attractive on the basis of equal citizenship; equal right, equal power sharing, and equal wealth sharing is only way to end the vicious cycle as war shouldn’t be an option and peace should be the only option to  inherit it to the existing and coming generation.

The DDPD that have been signed in July 2011 by the Chairman of the Movement of Liberation and Justice, Dr. Al-Tigani Al-Sisi and Government of Sudan, is not a holy agreement, is not true that peace has come to Sudan’s conflict in Darfur. It hasn’t come. Therefore, DDPD needs to be overcome and changed as Sudan is still looking for peace, for its soul and for its true identity.

 To overcome DDPD we need to focus not on secondary issues the symptoms of the conflict, but on the root causes. The movements have to develop a political agenda, based on new declaration of principles (DOP), states the right of self-determination for Darfur as a means for attractive unity, which can be a basis for a settlement on the negotiation table for the coming third round of talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia under the auspices of the AU’S AUHIP.

Most of Sudan’s peace process, and the agreements that resulted from them, have been broken and dishonoured. This was the case in the south before the CPA; it is the case currently in Darfur. The movements in Darfur should found common ground around a core set of one united vision, new (DOP), stating right of self-determination for Darfur as a means to make unity attractive to reach a  genuine peace agreement.

Sudan’s Darfur conflict tests the ability of the international community as a world to protect their fellow human beings from violence; including killing, rape, war crime, crime against humanity and genocide. The international community have all heard the statistics and know about the atrocities of the wanted Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir’s in Darfur which include:

  • 500,000 killed.

  • 4 million displaced peoples dependent on aid in Darfur who once again tonight have to live in 114 camps because they are too afraid to go home.

  • Numbers of them lives in 13 camps as refugees in Chad.

  • Many other millions also dependent on aid.


Behind all the statistics are individual human beings and families who have been killed or have been forced to flee their homes because of this violence and who will not be able to return home until they feel safe to do so.

The international community in truth have to feel a shame at their inability as a world to have done more. The AU, the UN, the EU, and the United States have to co-ordinate their efforts to facilitate workshops to materialise the new (DOP) which would lead to a genuine peace talks and  produce a real Sudan Holistic Peace agreement with the right of self-determination for Darfur, otherwise quest for peace in Sudan would continue to be elusive.

Chair of Sudan National Liberation Movement, 09 December 2015, London.
Can be reached by email: yhbashir@yahoo.co.uk  Web: www.slmonline.net



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