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Thursday, 08/12/2010

Peace mediator urges Sudan to create suitable environment in Darfur

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


June 6, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — The Joint Chief Mediator has urged the Sudanese government to stop violence and restore confidence in the restive region of Darfur in order to create suitable environment for peace in the region.

"I said to Dr Ghazi that I would like the Government to take all possible measures to restore confidence and reduce tensions, including seeking an end to all armed hostilities with all armed groups in Darfur," said Djibril Bassole in a statement released on Tuesday following a meeting with the Sudanese Presidential Adviser Ghazi Salah Eddin Attabani who is in charge with Darfur file.
"This will help promote reconciliation and create a climate of peace and security in Darfur," he added.
Special Envoys for Sudan of China, Russia, Austria, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the European Union and the League of Arab States as well as UN’s envoys to Sudanvoiced "grave concern" over the deterioration of security situation and violence in Darfur during a meeting held Monday in El Fasher.
They called on the Sudanese government and rebel Justice and Equality Movement to end hostilities and engage dialogue.
The AU-UN mediator demanded to the Sudanese government to provide the necessary assistance to allow the participation of "all of the Darfuri civil society representatives" invited by the mediation to attend the 2nd Civil Society Forum on July 12.
The Sudanese authorities delayed the transit of the representatives of Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad via Darfur before their fight to Doha last week.
The mediation had announced it would work to reach a comprehensive peace agreement before the run of the referendum on self-determination for southern Sudan in January 2011. The two negotiating stakeholders — the government and Liberation and Justice Movement — agreed to reach a deal before the end of July.
Ghazi announced, in separate remarks he put out after the meeting, he would travel to Doha before July 15 stressing that the government delegation will present a set of ideas to activate the talks.
The meeting with Bassole "objectively reviewed the process as it did not achieve the desired outcome," said Ghazi.
He however reiterated the government’s commitment to the Doha peace process, pointing out that the government will continue to implement the new strategy to deal with the problem of Darfur.
This strategy will be based, according to Ghazi, on "work near the citizen," and focus on (1) delivering the dividends of peace process to the citizen, (2) building institutions of governance in Darfur, (3) peace and humanitarian issues, (4) along with relations with neighboring countries, and how to make it a positive factor to achieve peace in Darfur.
Gahzi is expected to brief the Sudanese parliament on the Doha peace process on Wednesday.














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