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رؤية حركة/ جيش تحرير السودان تقرير المصير الحل لشعب دارفور 
بعد دراسة مستفيضة للواقع السياسي الراهن، وتحليل عميق لازمة دارفور وتداعياتها علي شعب دارفور خاصة وبقية الشعوب السودانية بصورة عامة، وبعد مشاورات واسعة وسبر لاتجاهات الرأي العام، وتقييم شامل لكل نضالات شعبنا الدارفورى عبر العقود الماضية وصلنا إلى نتيجة مفادها أن الدولة السودانية لايمكن لها

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He can't escape from ICC- لن تهرب من مصيرك
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Saturday, 08/28/2010

Pre-Trial Chamber I informs the Security Council and the Assembly of States Parties about Omar Al Bashir’s visits to Kenya and Chad/ Press Release: 27.08.2010

International Criminal Court Say Sudanese President Will Be Arrested for Genocide...The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, or ICC, said on Thursday that Sudan's president must and will be arrested for genocide.2010-07-23

An appeal from Darfur IDPs and Refugees
To the International Community....Friday, July 23, 2010

We the entire IDPs and refugees of Darfur, in our impoverished death camps in Sudan and Chad; hereby making our last minute appeal to the International Community, Human Rights Organizations, The U.N, Humanity –loving Nations and well-wishers to our lives  that we need urgent rescue before its too late.

Sudan Organisation against Torture.17 July 2010
SOAT Welcomes the ICC’s Milestone Decision against Omar al-Bashir on Three Counts of Genocide


July 12, 2010 (WASHINGTON) — The judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) today added three counts of genocide to the arrest warrant issued last year for Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir just as he was en-route to Khartoum from Asmara after making a previously unannounced visit.
















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